Comments from the Community

"The Hawaii Prince Hotel and Golf Club is committed to a values-based management of our resources and Karen has blended her wisdom and expertise in Hawaiian values to bring clarity to our message. Her creative and personalized training style has resulted in a more motivated and qualified staff who recognize the need to honor the events and people who we meet while taking pride in accepting personal accountability for our actions in dealing with those daily encounters.
Karen has assisted us in creating management development workshops with goals of shifting perspectives; ensuring that individuals recognized the fact that work is but one element of their lives. The comprehensive program resulted in a management team with a more balanced lifestyle and stronger commitment to the company's objectives.
...It is our suggestion that any organization with a commitment to its people and all that they represent consider working with Karen whose efforts will not only benefit the corporation but the community as well." (Denicia Trinidad, Director of Human Resources, Hawaii Prince Hotel)

"...the class was composed of a multiprofessional and multiethnic group of students and the fact that you were able to touch base with them on professional, scientific and cultural levels was remarkable..." (Dr. Walter Patrick, Head of International Health Program, University of Hawaii, Manoa)

“This has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I have learned so many things about myself. Learning Lomilomi has helped me accept things in my life and about myself that I was not sure how to embrace.” (Melenie, O’ahu)

“Kumu Karen is a wonderful teacher who has a very large and warm heart. Lomilomi is very spiritual!” (Naomi, Japan)

“Even with no massage experience, there is much to gain from learning the spiritualism involved in Lomilomi. That was my situation, and I can hardly wait to practice my new skill on my loved ones.” (Linda, Texas)

“This Lomilomi course has helped me focus on the spiritual aspect of massage and it’s healing powers...What an honor to be in the presence of Kumu Karen, a powerful woman full of positive energy and a love for all living things, nature, and the will of God.” (Barbara, O’ahu)

“This class reinforces the importance of spirituality and appreciating nature in this fast-paced world. The experience in Waimanalo just made the class even better, and being by the ocean made the root of Lomilomi very deep and powerful. This is not just a massage, it’s a healing tool for the mind, body and spirit. (Amy, British Columbia, Canada)

“...Lomi II has really been another step for me towards my spiritual growth and understanding...I feel more aware of my own capabilities, and indeed my destiny in helping others. I have particularly liked the instruction on grounding ourselves and finding the spirit within all of us. I do so feel a great burden lifted from me...” (Sarah, O’ahu, May 2007)

“...I enjoyed learning the different pule [prayers] for the various ailments and parts of the body...The Hawaiian values brought to home the fact I am on the journey for my life of ‘pono’.” (Mark, Boston)

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you. I only wish it could last longer. I would really appreciate another opportunity to return here to the Waimanalo house to bask in the joy of your company and the company of fellow students of Lomilomi. What you have taught me I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” (Corbett, O’ahu, May 2007)

“This class has helped inspire the inner heart of myself. It has opened up a window of opportunity to help all my family members, as well as the families that helped support me to be here...I feel I don’t have to worry any more about being there in person to help family: ...I can actually now do distance healing.” (Lomi student, May 2007)

“Mahalo nui loa! Kumu Karen...gets you to open yourself to hear one’s true calling. She shares her wealth of knowledge and love in a way that allows her students to progress forward in leaps & bounds. This class is so much more than the teaching of [massage] strokes and routines. As a student, you grow intuitively and learn how to use your love for healing and for everyday life...Kumu’s ability to teach...through Hawaiian Values parables and laughter is amazing and has a resonating affect.” (Heather, O’ahu, May 2007)

“[In Kumu Karen’s class] meet new people from different places...learn really spiritual things, listen to interesting stories and have a really kind Kumu [who] makes you feel comfortable and at home...” -(Lomilomi student, Feb. 2007)

“Spending time at the beach house is so relaxing and is my most memorable experience in Hawai’i. ...Join the class and open your heart. You could never regret it. In fact, you would regret missing it, because it is so sacred. You will learn a lot about yourself.” (Lomilomi student, Feb. 2007)

“This class...[has been] a piece of heaven on earth for me...My experience in particular was a reuniting with my spirit - past, present and future. A smile, a hug, a sparkle in the eyes...all are mainstays brought about in this class through the numerous practices of intention and love. I am closer to home.” (Stephanie, O’ahu, Feb. 2007)

“From the Hawaiian values, cultural background, and spiritual aspects I found some inner peace and direction within my trade. Kumu Karen’s spirit and countenance is so warm and inviting that I feel as though I’ve known her my entire life. I definitely want to continue my schooling with Kumu Karen as my teacher and guide.” (Zach, O’ahu, Feb. 2007)

“I am so blessed to have spirit guide me to O’ahu at this time...If you take this course, you will feel cradled by all the love in the world.” (Rebecca, RMT, Canada, Feb. 2007)

“This class is very special. You will get unforgettable memories. The value of Aloha is the most important thing. I’ll bring this Aloha spirit to Japan and tell everybody! Mahalo.” (Emi, Japan, Feb. 2007)

“Lomilomi has taught me the spirit of Aloha; the spirit of forgiveness and truth, of joy and peace. Thank you...for reminding me.” (Lomilomi student, Feb. 2007)

“[Lomilomi] is a great experience. You gain a new ohana, learn values, and open new doors. It’s like a little vacation away from the outside world. It reminds you of what should matter the most.” (Crystal, O’ahu, Feb. 2007)

“Regardless of your past experiences, Kumu Karen’s class allows you to open up to connect and become more acquainted with your higher healing guides, and have them work through you in your healing practice.” (Karol, Maui, 2006)