The Legend: Children of the Rainbow

photo of the Pali cliffsOnce long, long ago there existed a continent that spanned much of the Pacific. It’s boundaries reached as far East as to almost touch the West Coast of the United States; as far North as Japan, and as far South as New Zealand. This continent was known as Lemuria or Mu. It was the motherland, a place of amazing beauty and unconditional love, located on grids of energy associated with Stonehenge, Sedona, and the great Pyramids of Egypt. Those who lived there communicated telepathically with each other, and were known as The Children of the Rainbow, the children of God’s promise. The inhabitants were of races as diverse as the rainbow, and lived together in peace and harmony. An advanced civilization of healing, the Children of the Rainbow used crystals, shells, color and vibration to maintain good health. They traveled to the four corners of the world sharing their culture of peace and love. One day a great catastrophe occurred, a gigantic wave came, destroying Lemuria and sinking it to the depths of the ocean. All that remained was a large expanse of water and the very highest mountain tops.

These mountain tops, the last remnants of Lemuria, are called Hawaii.

lomilomi rainbowHave you ever had a yearning to go home? Not the home you live in now, but another home that speaks to your heart. Many travelers, when they come to Hawaii, step off the plane, breathe the fragrance of sweet flowers on gentle trade winds and feel as if they have come home. The memory remains in our DNA, the memory of who we really are, and of where we came from. Just as all paths lead us home, visitors to Hawaii come back again and again and again. Why? Sometimes they don’t know why, it just feels like home. If this is you, I say, “Welcome home, Child of the Rainbow”.

Much of the huna, or secrets, of Hawaii were kept alive secretly in families during that time in Hawaii’s history when it was forbidden to practice the ancient ways. With the re-emergence of Hawaii’s culture, there is much knowledge that remains hidden, shared with only a few. As a Kumu Lomilomi, teacher of Lomilomi, I feel that whatever knowledge comes to me should be shared with the Children of the Rainbow. All that I know, I will share. When I am gone, the knowledge would be lost. What I teach includes the heart and soul of Lomilomi, I share it freely with those who have the desire to learn.