"Me ke aloha! Thank you for being the voice of my feelings when I didn't know the words, thank you for being the hand to hold while we walked into the light and I felt alone.
Most of all, thank you for being the heart I now call home." (Mahealani & Keala)

“You have shown me how to harness MY light and focus it towards healing.” (Megan, O’ahu)

“I most appreciated the cultural heritage and Hawaiian values & folklore teachings. It brought the sacred roots of Lomilomi to the forefront. It was a wonderful, enlightening weekend & a very valuable way to learn.” (Kana, O’ahu)

“Kumu Karen has such a wonderful loving heart and an excellent gift of teaching. It was so easy to learn from her.” (Lomilomi student)

“For those with previous experience in Lomilomi, this class will indeed supplement skills and knowledge that will be learned. Kumu Karen is an exceptional healer!” (Lomilomi student)

“If you have any questions about joining this class, let them dissolve. Kumu Karen is an adept guide into the healing waters of Lomilomi. Because she allows spirit to guide her, she is able to hold the energy of each student, so that each of us may grow and learn in our own unique ways.” (Rachael, North Carolina)

“Kumu Karen’s Lomilomi class here in Hawaii is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back in touch with who we really are. Learning Hawaiian values helps us remember what is really important here on the planet, and encourages us to look deep within ourselves to make a change. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to remind themselves of the love we all are.” (Kahea)

Lomilomi is part of an ancient Hawaiian way of maintaining good health.

Lomilomi photoHealing of the body was done through Lomilomi massage, and Lau’au’lapa’au, the use of medicinal herbs and plants. Healing of the mind was done through Ho’oponopono, spiritually ‘erasing’ the negative occurrences of the past so that one could move on in his or her life, and through Hawaiian Values where you learn the skills needed to sustain yourself through times of stress and crisis. Spiritual healing was done through oli, chant, and pule, prayer.

Photo of Kumu teaching lomilomi massageIn ancient times each person from kupuna, grandparent, to keiki, child, received Lomilomi every day to maintain good health. At the end of the day they would gather together to massage each other and to talk about what had happened that day. The little ones walked on their grandfather’s back as he lay on a lauhala mat on the floor. Everyone enjoyed the loving touch that relaxed their bodies. Lomilomi was important for the physical relief it brought, and because it brought them closer together as a family.

In today’s world, we don’t have time to massage the shoulders of our loved ones, much less spend a few minutes talking about the events of their day. Is it a wonder that families have lost the closeness that existed at one time? One of my goals is to bring Lomilomi back to families. As they learn to share the loving touch with each other, there will be better communication and stronger family ties.

Lomilomi SessionWith the arrival of the Western culture, the ancient Hawaiian ways were banned. Huna, ancient Hawaiian practices, Hula, the arts, Lua, martial arts, Lomilomi, Lau’aulapa’au, and the Hawaiian language were forbidden. The families that had mastered these arts refused to let it go, and kept these practices alive secretly within their families. Because Lomilomi was hidden within different family groups, the Lomilomi styles were diverse. Each family preserved what was relevant and important to them. There is no one way to do Lomilomi; there is no ‘right’ way to do it. There are many ways. I always caution my students never to criticize the teachings of other Lomilomi teachers. We are all one, every person who practices Lomilomi shares a part of the knowledge passed down to us. We stand in the light and share this light with others. There is no separation, there is only love.