Heiau (Hawaiian Temple)

The heiau, Hawaiian temple, looks like a beach house, sitting on the windswept beach of Waimanalo, facing the beautiful turquoise ocean. Looking at it, you wouldn’t know what power and mana it contained until you stepped through the doorway and felt it. It was here that my true journey in spirituality began.

heiauIn the middle of the beach house is a lovely garden with pohaku, large rocks, among the lush trees and shrubs. It is screened in on top, so that sunlight fills the garden and the rain filters through, falling on the plants inside. It is a place of peace and love.

Little did I know what a sacred place it was when I first moved there. The pokahu hold the spirit of the ancestors, and it was there that I was taught by spirit. I learned to hear and see messages relayed to me from ‘the other side’. I received information about the clients I did Lomilomi for, as well as solutions to their physical problems. I was taught to use shells to obtain immediate and amazing results, and ho’oponopono of the emotional body to release the pain of the past that was trapped in their bodies.

The house became a healing center, and healers from all over the world found their way to my door. There was Amuah, Rainbow woman from Germany, Gen Morita from Japan, Kahu from New Zealand, a healer from Finland, Kahuna from the Big Island, teachers, nurses and doctors. It was amazing because I had not invited anyone to come!

Magical things happened there. I was awakened by spirit every morning at dawn to stand on the beach as the sun came up over the horizon. A red hibiscus flower appeared just for me every morning on a special bush outside. The flower of the Heavens, a gift from Spirit! Each day I awoke to find the outline of a warrior, in dew drops, imprinted on the screen door. It made me feel so protected and safe. I knew that I was loved.

photo of waimanalo beachAs the requests came, I started to teach lomilomi and spiritual healing. I was assisted by spirit every step of the way; guided and inspired. I was asked to lecture at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, appeared on public television, and spoke in colleges and hospitals, even doing grand rounds at Wahiawa General Hospital with the interns!

It was an amazing journey! There was a question that had crossed my mind many times, however. I stood in the garden and asked spirit. “Why was I chosen to do this work and to receive this knowledge? Surely there were many others much more knowledgeable and qualified than me!” Their answer was simple. “We asked that you help us, and you accepted. We have chosen you.” The fact is that many are called but few return the call. “Love is all you need”, they said.