Kumu Karen is a Kahu, (Minister) and has ordained and taught 55 other Kahu in her Kapuaokalani Kahu Ohana. They assist her with blesssings, weddings, and special occasions such as birthdays, celebration of life, first birthday luau, etc. You can contact them through this website with the name of a loved one that you would like to have them pray for.

In return they only ask that you share the www.kapuaokalani.com website with someone, and view the "May You be Blessed" video located on the LINKS page.

Hawaiian Blessings

Kumu Karen and her dad

A traditional Hawaiian custom is the blessing of a new home or residence. New homes and newly acquired homes are blessed to bring peace, love and harmony to the new family. Businesses are blessed to bring clear, free-flowing energy and prosperity.

If the land upon which the home or business was built was an ancient battleground, or if the former occupants of the home lived in imbalance and disharmony, that mana, energy, remains there, causing discomfort and negativity. Through Ho’oponopono, clearing the negative connections of the past, and spiritually ‘erasing’ them, harmony can be restored.

I have done blessings for homes, businesses, hotels, hospitals, cars, boats, and athletic teams. Blessings are requested when illness occurs in the family, prior to surgery, and clearing to help loved ones cross over the rainbow bridge to go home. I have also done blessings for beloved pets and babies, clearing the past to see ones life path more clearly.

Sometimes when the market has been slow and a home has been on the market for a long time, it may need a blessing to clear the energy to get it moving again.

I was called to do a blessing for a young man in Southern California who was in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. He had been involved with a gang and been brutally beaten with a baseball bat. For days he lay in a coma, unresponsive and on the verge of death. His sister had requested that we come to bless him.

His family gathered around his bed as the blessing was pronounced. Suddenly a beam of sunlight entered his room though a window high above his bed, and filled the room.

The light centered over his body, and we felt warmth and peace spread throughout the room. His eyes opened and latched onto mine with great intensity, willing me to listen to his thoughts. Like a drowning man hanging on tightly to a life preserver, he held my attention, refusing to let go. "Please tell my family how sorry I am for all the pain I caused them..", his thoughts said. "Tell my brothers and sisters to learn from my mistakes and never, ever join a gang." Then he showed me the image of a shiny black pick-up truck. I asked his family what this might be. "It's his truck!" they said, "He loves his truck!" I asked them, "Will you take care of his truck for him?" "Oh, yes!" they all said together. A look of peace came over his face, and he blinked once to say thank you.

His eyes never wavered from mine, knowing that this was the only chance he had to share his thoughts. As I prepared to leave, his thoughts said, "Please wait! My left ear is bent against the pillow, it hurts!" I turned his head gently to the right, and saw that his left ear had been folded over, with the pressure of his head, cutting off the circulation there. I straightened it out, gently rubbing the circulation back into it.This was my confirmation that what I had heard, had indeed come from him.

I don't know if he recovered, but I do know that the blessing brought him and his family a measure of comfort. I felt very humble to be used as an instrument of God's love.

Please email Kumu Karen for the cost of blessings for your home or business.